We are Natsukashii Studio

Natsukashii is a Japanese word with a meaning similar to “nostalgic,” and it’s a word we love. It's about thinking about the past and appreciating things that have happened, things that you’re really connected to. It's about connections with people and beautiful memories. Through our photography and film we strive to achieve this emotion whenever you look back at your special day or event.

Meet our team

Tim Northey

Hugely passionate about his work, Tim loves capturing and documenting all of life and its beautiful moments. His personal clients have included many large national & international brands including Adobe, Canon, Japan Tourism, Audi, LG and many more!

@tk_north // tknorth.com

Shane Lo

Real coffee addict and passionate photographer. Joy from capturing and sharing special moments with others. Shane loves his portrait and travel photography but also has broad experience with corporate and event photography.

@shanelography_ // shanelo.com

Kent Wang

Real adventurer at heart with an enthusiasm for taking photos of the small moments in between. Kent has a real passion for film, portrait, editorial fashion and travel photography.

@tinydepartures // tinydepartures.com